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Friends Meeting Minutes 2019.08.06

Friends of Koko Head Meeting Minutes


Aloha School Supplies: A success

Principal Report: Jeff Shitaoka

  • A few initiatives set for this year
  • Math: increasing engagement throughout the year
  • Focus on Social Studies standards in the spring
  • IB: ongoing improvement of 5th grade exhibition and curriculum of all grades 
  • Midyear accreditation due: state will be visiting 
  • Redefining school mission and vision – parent input will be requested in a survey

**Strive High School Performance Report posted on Board of Education Website.  Koko Head is in higher percentile for Language Arts.

  • How do students feel about their school: 59 percent feel positively about their school. A lot of staff turnover the last few years — retirement, transfers to other schools, school culture has been changing so that has affected positivity. 

Question: What was the criteria for the tri-pod survey: third, fourth and fifth grade surveys generated this score, etc.  Anonymous survey.

  • How can Friends of Koko Head and parents help increase school spirit (Trunk O’ Treat helps, Bingo Night (August 30th 6-7 pm). 
  • Open to ideas to improve positive school culture and school spirit

PCNC Stacey S.: Bingo Night is a family night, only a one-hour commitment

President Michelle Schall: Budget request received from Jeff.

  • includes CAP teachers’ salary for PE, music, art (yoga and art during second quarter) and Hawaiian Studies
  • new music/yoga teacher will be employed, she will be teaching mindfulness through yoga the first quarter and art during second.
  • Teacher support: thanks to Michelle Montgomery, great Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Big Island 4th grade trip airfare of three teachers are paid for by this same budget
  • Instructional technology will be replaced – smart boards will be replaced by TVs (piloted in Ms. Yonan’s class.  TVs have clear picture and less maintenance than the current smartboards, which are also more cost effective
  • $5000 for professional development support as we focus on the IB 
  • $44,400 is needed for the year (we have $13,000)
  • Friends of Koko Head: raising money to help supplement the school that the DOE does not (we do a few fundraisers throughout the year to help that).  We buy and maintain the water. Donations do not have to pay taxes, fundraised money requires taxes to be paid. Best way is to generate through donations (Cobra Contributions), which we have at the beginning of the year.
  • August 15th: Cobra Contributions Letter (donations campaign) will be drafted and ready to be distributed. August 30th: Due Date

Koko Head 65th Anniversary (1954 first established): Celebrating the school’s 65th anniversary through the luau, will still have a Silent Auction (canceling Cookie Corner Fundraiser Sales)

  • Jeff: going through indemnification process to gain permission from city and state for the Koko Head Neighborhood Park venue
  • Ms. Rita –  taking the lead on the details of the event and collaboration between friends and the school
  1. Fresh Catch Luau Catering is the best deal: include menu (kalua pig, chicken long rice, squid luau/lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, rice, poi, pineapple, haupia, paper goods and utensils provided, delivery on site, etc. We will need to bring sternals and provide volunteers to serve. $15.50 a head.
  2. T-Shirts: finishing up design. Kula Threads are helping with that.
  3. Makaha Sons pretty much secured, and maybe Henry Kapono, Kapena (may work with us with school fundraiser)?  
  4. Tents, lighting. 2200 dollars 10 years ago, etc.  – Chris Young for lighting?
  5. Generator, stage, sound system
  6. Porta potties
  7. Have the event or break even. 
  8. Ticket sales: innovative ways to sell tickets will maybe have VIP tables, company can purchase a table of 10, considered sponsors or donors for the event.
  9. Cultural activities like lei making, ti bracelets tables
  10. Kids under five: free for those children
  11. Kids are charged a cheaper price?
  12. Date of pre-sales due need to be set
  13. Silent Auction: trying to get it online?? Need to collect items or services?
  14. Who would like to assist with auction items and silent auction: Jennifer Broomell
  15. Plan A and Plan B: Smaller or inside 
  16. 2010 luau: celebrated Ms. Lum, 575 tickets sold, at 15 dollars a ticket. 
  17. Cookie Corner fundraiser: net proceeds was just over $10,000. Silent Auction generated overnight was $4000.

Upcoming Events: Trunk Or Treat, Friday, October 25th.

Tarah McFall (Trunk Or Treat Chairperson):

  • Trunk Or Treat: Online Sign-ups will be used this year. 
  • Maybe monetizing this?

Koko Head Movie Night: September 27th, 2019

  • Student Council Reps

Cobra Costume Mascot: invite anyone interested in wearing the mascot costume

Recycling of Cans: end of May. Do not need to take caps off plastic bottles. 

  • Cobra cash can be given to those students who help sort recycling as an incentive to help

** Concern: Cobra Contributions Acknowledgement of Donors needed this year.

Uncle John retired quietly the end of last month. 

Attendance: Bernie Kloetzel, Julie Magpoc, Chris Magpoc, Ai Narahara, Jennifer Broomell, Tarah McFall, Ine Miller, Ron Cahoon, Erica Sua, Tony Green, Darlene Ko, Jeff Shitaoka, Rita Hanohano, Stacey Shimabakuro-Lui, Adaline Pimpleton, Anne Wood, Michelle Schall, Maggie Hong, Glen Nomura