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Friends of Koko Head Meeting Minutes 2019.11.8

MAHALO by Michelle Schall:

  • Mahalo to Tarah McFall for an amazing Trunk Or Treat Night, and Matsumoto-Hussey family for the haunted house
  • Maybe next year we can change the time: consider 6-8
  • Friends of Koko Head last minute offering of drink and food, only sold 7 pizzas instead of 10: maybe a different food item offered for next year

Principal Report:

  • Dec 10: Next Stem Night, Chaminade University Scientist Program using microscopes
  • A month and a half ago, DOE released Performance Information Sheet: our scores are the highest in the Kaiser Complex
  • Student Perception Survey taken: double digit gains from last year in percentage, very encouraging stats
  • Vandalism on Sunday afternoon, an adult with hat and mask spraypainted Blue Ribbon Bronze plaque: worked with police. Caught it on video, but undecipherable face. Appalling it was an adult and very calculated
  • School Evacuation the day walk to District Park the day before Thanksgiving

Stacey Lui:

  • Nov 30th of the month: Parade. We have been the largest group to participate in the parade. Highly encourage participation, come and represent our school
  • Dec 13th morning, 8:30-9:30 am: Breakfast and holiday program. Not sure what is on the menu, will talk about it after Nov 16th

Anne Wood:

  • Unable to come to the meeting. Came back
  • Received a check for bottle recycles

Box Tops For Education:

  • Clipped Box Tops merging to digital
  • Oct 29 $42.50 raised
  • Jeff can announce the winners. Matsumoto-Hussey Family turned in the most box tops, hundreds of them
  • February: Cobra Chase, Jen Broommell is the chair
  • Tiered prices for printing: review that and finalize for the first week of December


  • Midweek publication should be there next week 
  • Tickets: 246 headcount of paid tickets. Of paid tickets, 4 VIP tables, some $75 purchased online, we have 110 adults at $65. Faculty, we have 24 and they have a discounted rate of $50 by check.  We sent a notice in October to remind RSVP, still 150 students RSVP outstanding
  • Percentage of alumni: very small
  • Sent out letters to retirees.
  • Sent out to Kaiser Complex Schools via email
  • Entertainment: confirmed, Carlie Goya will be following Kapena
  • Chris Magpoc is working on the program. There will be no insert, will feature VIPs on the program, no timeline but will have times for food service and family cultural activities and silent auction.
  • Ti- leaf donations thanks to King’s Chapel
  • Tattoos received
  • Photobooth is a vintage VW bus, will arrive at 4pm, will have photographs from 5-8 pm. Every guest who enters the bus will receive a photo. Awaiting confirmation if photos will be put on flash drive. Request handmade props.
  • Tee-shirt sales: $15
  • Food cater will have a final headcount
  • Beverages, water and juice will be purchased from Costco ahead of time, served under the tent by the cafeteria.
  • 75 keiki performers and youth volunteers will be served pizza
  • Anniversary cake quotes: Safeway donated 50 dollar gift card
  • Anne will order from Sam’s Club cake
  • Candy will be at the lu’au table, looking at containers to hold candies. 
  • Set-up: Honolulu Party Rentals will come at 8 am for set-up , big spotlight facing towards the school for keiki and office so it doesn’t blind cars driving past
  • Sound system through Kapena will start setting up at 10 am
  • Perimeter fencing: Stacey bought this for 150 feet in length to wrap around perimeter of the campus to block glaring lights, in addition it helps with crowd control and prevent party crashers
  • HPD vehicle with blue light
  • Tent provided by New Hope will be placed by Balloon entrance to protect from inclement weather, hopefully
  • Custodians did pay for lu’au tickets, we are going to give them a nice stipend to thank them for their help
  • VIP tables: 7 floral centerpieces donated from Koko Marina florist
  1. We did order commemorative bags to be placed on each seat and extra dessert
  • King’s church will bring in greenery to help decorate
  • Leis, special leis for principals, will get some flower leis for honored guests at Costco
  • Source Rainbow Craft Warehouse: hidden Nimitz Highway, kukui nut leis for two dollars each, 250 shell leis: $25 dollars
  • Wristbands, neon green for general admission 
  • Rainbow Arch: yellow and green ordered
  • Silent Auction flier will go out on Thursdays
  • 25 people for set-up from 8-11, 25 people 9-10:30 pm for take-down
  • 10-12 people needed for decoration
  • Alcohol and smoke-free event
  • If there are more silent auction items, we hope to see them uploaded this week!
  • Red-light therapy will be donating