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Friends of Koko Head Meeting Minutes 2020.01.01

Principal Report:

  • Stacey Lui no longer with us, sadly
  • In process of hiring new PCNC
  • Stacey will work with and support speech festival teams through 65th anniversary
  • February 13th visit for accreditation visit
  • Stem night Thurs, Jan 30 at 6pm: ACE
  • No retirements this year among staff so that is a plus
  • Developing academic plan

Treasurer Report:

  • Final teacher pay was $6300
  • One more eventbrite bill to pay
  • Sitting just at about $30,000 in cash for the year, and that will go up with the Chase
  • Next year will work more on building, safe spot

Cool Our Keiki:

  • Dec 17th meeting completed
  • Budget template for CIP have been sent to all four of our East Honolulu legislators
  • 4 area legislators requested 14,000 per classroom for a total of 236 classrooms in Kaiser Complex except for Rep Mark Hashem
  • Waiting Game: mid April CIP bills will be finalized and approved or rejected.

Middle to end of January

Volunteer sign-up genius:

  • Request 2 teachers per classroom
  • Teachers, handle your tallying
  • Balloon arch: Tamua, Erica and Marjan can help make it
  • Will check with Jen Broomell

Keiki Karnival:

March 13th 11:20-2pm

  • Make-a-wish: Flying Ahi, TinRoof BBQ recommendation. *******TODAY, Maggie will call food truck
  • Student council will select a theme for keiki karnival

Teacher Appreciation in May 4th-May 8th: Lunch is May 6th if possible. 

May Day 2020 will be on Friday, May 8th

  • Friends’ big contribution was the luau
  • Money easier this year
  • Cobra chase will be teacher money this year
  • P.E. teacher and Hawaiian studies paid
  • Big request Friends may cover is Chromebook cart for K-1
  • Some monies earmarked for Classrooms upgrades LED TV: $4000, IB accreditation program costs $5000

Standardardized Testing: last couple of years, schools within Kaiser Complex, Koko Head has been highest in math and reading this last year.