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Friends of Koko Head Meeting Minutes 2020.02.04

Principal Report

Next week Thursday: 

  • 1 day accreditation visit
  • Open to all parents and staff to come, Thursday, Feb 13 at 2:45 in the library to listen to their recommendation
  • After school programs reconvene next week, Monday ones will begin on January 24th
  • Great participation for Stem Night, will keep that up next week
  • Working on academic plan on next school year, more updates to come in April regarding that

PCNC Report:

  • Katrina Wilson is our new PCNC
  • Been an easy transition, 2 weeks new on the job
  • T, W, TH is her work schedule.

Treasurer Report:

  • $28,000 in our bank account
  • Schedule our date in the recycling bin: Tuesday, Feb 25th or Friday Feb 28th
  • Cobra Chase, Tuesday

Cool Our Keiki Coalition:

  • CIP bills are in submitted by all four of our area legislators
  • Only Rep Mark Hashem requested more than our $14,000 estimate per classroom
  • Hashem and Ward are trying to slide the request in the state budget without getting noticed (earmark funds)
  • Should find out the result of our efforts by April: waiting game
  • Plan B under way: Mike Lovelin and Maggie are pursuing Energy Companies to explore the Private Public Partnership option with the DOE

Cobra Chase:

  • Color Coordination worked well
  • People checking all the cards will have the same colors as the tags
  • Cones and yarn purchased for the event
  • Balloon arch: our parents will create it. Erica has everything
  • Volunteer Sign-Up online

Keiki Karnival:

  • Jamba Juice? Confirmed?
  • Rita will confirm menu
  • Tin Hut secured as vendor, waiting paperwork
  • Service Clubs: get with Ms. Ko and organize
  • Malasadas: Lei Chun
  • SHOP ONLINE: 1100 (chocolate mint gum) budget, Maggie
  • Katrina will follow up with Jamba Juice

Teacher Appreciation:

  • Library for teacher’s luncheon
  • Something nice for the teachers everyday